365 Days of Design

An Adventure With Daily Design

DATE: 4/3/2018   -   TIME: 1:00 PM

Was a great week last week and hit the ground running this week! Spent a few hours yesterday and got a ton of client work done! Got a bunch done over the weekend on my year long project and am really pushing myself to be caught up in the next two weeks!


DATE: 4/9/2018   -   TIME: 2:15 PM

Getting all caught up with the website and all the uploads! Less than two weeks behind of my daily design hour. It has been a struggle to do more than one or two in a single day, but I really want to be completely caught up for my last month! Going to be a busy, but awesome next week! Design Week Portland will be in full swing and I have a lecture/Event every day and double up on some days! Really excited for some of them!


DATE: 4/13/2018   -   TIME: 12:15 PM

What a week, got a lot done and getting my clients all caught up and hopefully prepared for the next few weeks! Getting clients to understand looking ahead and planning is always tough for a freelancer! I'm sure many of us deal with last minute Ooops, I forgot about this ad or deadline. I am really excited for all the great events next week for Design Week PDX. It will be a little bitter sweet since the Portland Creative Mornings chapter president/organizer is stepping down after I think like 8-9 years. Creative mornings was my first creative organized event I went to when I moved to Portland and she will be missed. Thankfully she is not going to be gone! Somehow she will be focusing on making Design Week PDX even better than it already is. Not sure how possible that will be, but great for her!


DATE: 4/20/2018   -   TIME: 12:15 PM

So this week has been awesome!!! Design Week PDX of course did not disappoint! I am heading to my last event at Adidas in about a half hour and cannot wait. Should be a really cool event and of course half off in the employee store is going to be the cherry on top! I had such a great time at all my events this past week. Now back to work and keep what I learned and was inspired by into my work!!!


DATE: 4/30/2018   -   TIME: 11:45 PM

Well I have been plugging away and still behind in my daily designs. I have been busy with client work and just getting things done in general. I am still gaining ground and hope to be caught up before the end of my year June 1st! Just have to keep at it and really dig in and get the work done!

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