50 Days Left

An Adventure With Daily Design

DATE: 5/1/2018   -   TIME: 1:00 PM

So starting the month off behind again! I have gained some ground and am really hopeful that I will get caught up within the week. I not I will be real close and head into the last few weeks wrapping things up! Not sure if I am excited, a little upset that this project will actually be over soon! Well in the next month or two I am going to have to figure out what else to do!


DATE: 5/10/2018   -   TIME: 11:00 AM

Of course I am behind, but had some fun in early April! I dusted off my older Wacom Bamboo tablet and hand drew some things. I am definitely not an illustrator, but I like to be able to just sit down and play with different brushes in illustrator. There is so much that I know a lot of designers just don't use in illustrator. Of course a few things in early April really turned out looking like crap, but it is only an hour a day so not a big deal when you are having fun playing!


DATE: 5/15/2018   -   TIME: 11:30 AM

Still behind, but making some headway! I figure I will end up finishing about a month behind. I was a little worried about getting caught up, but realized that I am the only one giving the deadline so not a big deal.


DATE: 5/21/2018   -   TIME: 1:00 PM

Going to push myself this week and get as caught up as possible with a few client projects and my year long project. I am pushing to only be about 2 weeks behind by the end of the week. I have been working with my little Bamboo Wacom tablet and doing some  hand drawn stuff in illustrator. They have been coming out really good for only an hour!

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