365 Days of Design

An Adventure With Daily Design

DATE: 12/5/2017   -   TIME: 1:00 PM

This month started out with some not so good designs and a lot of catching up to do. Only a few days behind on my daily project, but behind getting them uploaded. I am hopefull that I should be all caught up around the middle of the month. Of course the holidays are already in full effect and going to try and work to get everything caught up before hand!


DATE: 12/13/2017   -   TIME: 1:30 PM

Still not caught up and of course have not written much in the blog for my project! I am trying to get it all done and keep up with all the holiday obligations! Of course I can't wait to get the holidays over with and see what the new year has in store for me.


DATE: 12/18/2017   -   TIME: 3:30 PM

Still trying to get caught up and not going well. It seems my trip for most of November has gotten me more and more behind! I mean it does mean that i actually have work and am busy, but I really need to keep up with the project. Of course now the holidays are getting in the way. I have been baking and have a client party or even pretty much every day for the next two weeks!


DATE: 12/23/2017   -   TIME: 12:45 PM

The holidays are kicking my butt! I have had zero time to breath. If I am not working on client work then I am baking or hitting a holiday party! Maybe by the middle of January I will be able to catch up with my daily design:)


DATE: 12/27/2017   -   TIME: 6:15 PM

Finally one holiday over and only two more obligations to handle! Like most designers I do not do well when I have a lot of obligations outside the house! While most people think I am the life of the party my social anxiety is through the roof!


DATE: 12/30/2017   -   TIME: 10:30 AM

Well it is almost the new year and I have only gotten farther behind on my year long project. I am making some changes in the coming year and want to advance my freelance business as well as my health! Not really making a new years resolution, but setting some long term goals! Here is to a new year and more opportunities!

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