365 Days of Design

An Adventure With Daily Design

DATE: 2/1/2018   -   TIME: 1:00 PM

Finally!!! I am feeling 100% and got caught up with client work! It is about time:) I am about a month behind on my yearly design project, but hustling to get caught up and moving again. I did some decent work at the begging and end of December! Hope I can keep it going while catching up with my January daily designs.


DATE: 2/10/2018   -   TIME: 11:30 AM

Doing some decent work for January with this project and keeping my clients happy. I am trying to spend at least three hours a day doing three designs. It is tough during the week with client work, but getting it done. I am really concerned about making sure that I am fully caught up with my designs by the end of February. Right now about month behind, but every week I am getting closer!


DATE: 2/15/2018   -   TIME: 3:45 PM

So right when I think I am getting caught up a client comes at me with some big changes and is going to eat up a bunch of time. I am still making sure that I am doing at least one design a day, but that means I cannot get caught up. I need to be doing at least two a day to catch up by the end of February. I am doing some pretty good work though and cannot believe that I am at almost 250 designs!


DATE: 2/25/2018   -   TIME: 3:00 PM

Well made some headway this past week and weekend! Don't think I am going to be caught up in the next three days, but should be down to less than a month! I am going to Denver next week for 10 days and going to actually have some time to myself so should be able to get a lot of catching up done. Of course have another pretty big deadline coming up so will have to take precedents!


DATE: 2/28/2018   -   TIME: 1:15 PM

Getting a bunch done, but it seems to never stop! I am glad that business is picking up a little and finally having some more regular work. The only down side is that I have less time to do work that I really enjoy! Hopefully the Denver trip in the next few days will be a lot of fun.

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