365 Days of Design

An Adventure With Daily Design

DATE: 1/2/2018   -   TIME: 1:00 PM

A new Year and half way through my project! Excited to see what the second half of the project contains!!!


DATE: 1/7/2018   -   TIME: 1:30 PM

Well so much for getting caught up with my year long design project! I am traveling and have caught the flu bug that has been going around. I was only about a week and a half behind and have a feeling I am going to get way behind now! I have work in Miami on Tuesday and most likely Wednesday so will see how that goes!


DATE: 1/14/2018   -   TIME: 10:30 AM

The Miami photo shoot went well, but I am exhausted! The flu has totally kicked my butt! thankfully I was able to get the images I needed and can take a look when I get back to Portland net week. The project doesn't have a definitive deadline, but the faster it gets done the faster I get paid!


DATE: 1/20/2018   -   TIME: 9:00 AM

Back to Portland today! It has been two weeks and I am still not close to 100% from the flu! Hopefully getting back home and resting for two days I can get to feeling better and get caught up on the project!


DATE: 1/29/2018   -   TIME: 3:30 PM

So as soon as I got back to Portland I was bombarded by a ton of work from clients! That is great, but my project has been put on hold for a little longer. Once I am caught up I plan on doing more than one a day to get caught up. It will take a little bit, but I really want to make sure that I end the project on Time and with 365 pieces of artwork!

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