365 Days of Design

An Adventure With Daily Design

DATE: 07/3/2017   -   TIME: 2:30 PM

I cannot believe that it has been a month and I am over 30 designs/artwork down! I had a wedding this past weekend and then the fourth of July tomorrow. I realized that when I have larger events it is a little difficult to get a design done and also get it uploaded. I may have to bend the rules a little in the future and do two in a day so I can enjoy the event and or a day off. Going to be making some changes to the website and organize it a little more so it will be easier to view a particular month.


DATE: 07/5/2017   -   TIME: 8:15 PM

Going to have to take a look at the past month of June and go over some of my favorites! Been a busy past week with a wedding and then the 4th of July. Made it through and hopefully focus back more on upcoming design projects. Think I need to do some work on the website and get some organization going. Might have to take the blog and images and make monthly buttons to separate and keep it clean.


DATE: 07/10/2017   -   TIME: 10:00 AM

Finally feel like I have gotten back to a normal schedule to start off the week! I still have to clean up and organize the website, but feel like I can actually get it done quickly. Like this project I don't want to spend a lot of time tweaking the website to make it "perfect".


DATE: 07/17/2017   -   TIME: 12:30 PM

Did some great work the past week trending towards farming logos. Switching it up and going to do some more "artwork" type things. I have always been fascinated with Asian culture especially Japan. Think I may go this route for a little bit. I have been doing more of logo design work so will be a nice to change it up a little,


DATE: 07/20/2017   -   TIME: 3:15 PM

I cannot believe that I have done 50 already!!! I am really enjoying this project so far! I am realizing that every designer/artist needs to take some time every day for themselves. Just simply doing anything that is not client or customer related can help so much!


DATE: 07/25/2017   -   TIME: 10:00 AM

Weekends have become a little bit of an issue! Tough when I am busy all week with client work and need to spend an hour "creating" something. All I really want to do is take a bike ride or hike and do as little thinking as possible. Going to power through since I have gone past the 50 mark I have been re-newed and love working on this project!

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