365 Days of Design

An Adventure With Daily Design

DATE: 05/31/2017   -   TIME: 3:54 PM

So tomorrow I start this little design adventure and could not be more excited! Mostly because tomorrow is my Birthday:) I figured why not use the year from birthday to birthday to do this. In keeping with the raw nature of this I have pretty much done no planning and expect that I will have pretty much no one reading my blog posts. Like I have explained this is really more for me and not anyone else. I think if you are a designer or in the filed in some way you might find it interesting and something to check out every once and a while. If anything to see if I have completely cracked up!


DATE: 06/01/2017   -   TIME: 4:50 PM

Well the first one is in the books! Not to happy with it and of course I did this because it is my Birthday today. Of course this is the first one and I am sure  I get more into a grove they will get better, I hope!


DATE: 06/03/2017   -   TIME: 2:30 PM

Only 3 days in and I am really enjoying spending an hour doing some form of artwork or design! I am excited to see what will come out in the coming weeks!


DATE: 06/04/2017   -   TIME: 3:15 PM

I took the flower petals in a different direction today. I took an old t-shirt and placed a basic design with the petals on it. Then roughly rubbed them to get a rough outline/shape of the petal. Mostly just going for the overall pattern and not much detail. While doing this I boiled and crushed more petals to create a simple dye. Of course with only an hour time limit it was tough to get a really rich color, but I think it turned out pretty nice. I think this little project has some real potential to be a larger creative project. I have seen many people create amazing things using nature and this really has no limits.


DATE: 06/05/2017   -   TIME: 6:35 PM

Today is of course D-Day. You know that day when thousands of men made the ultimate sacrifice and stormed the beaches of France. While this day in history should be remembered not only for the lives lost, but the significance of the world banding together to fight against tyranny and evil. My grandfather fought in this war and it is where I learned my deep respect for the armed forces. Figured I would throw something out to remember him and all the others that sacrificed their lives on this day.


DATE: 06/07/2017   -   TIME: 12:58 PM

I was feeling nostalgic for my home town today and did some work involving the famous (yet decrepit) silos all over Buffalo, NY. I'm sure there will be more Buffalo themed stuff coming over the next year!


DATE: 06/10/2017   -   TIME: 6:45 PM

Figured I would stay on my home town of Buffalo and do some more design work. There are so many great things about the city of Buffalo. It is seeing a resurgence or rather I would like to say a renaissance. I miss all the family and friends I have in Buffalo, but Portland is my home.


DATE: 06/14/2017   -   TIME: 6:30 PM

I'm changing gears a little and going back to some old exercises from school. Messing around with some color halftone patterns! Only this time I get to do it digitally rather than by hand! Going to be interesting to see what comes out of working with them over the next few days!


DATE: 06/16/2017   -   TIME: 1:30 PM

Having a fun time playing with the half tone patterns! I like the simplicity of them at the same time they are complex. It fits with what I like to see visually. I cannot believe that I have been doing this every day for over two weeks. It only seems like I started a few days ago. Of course I think a real marker will be at the 3 month mark when I will have almost 100 designs/artwork in the books!


DATE: 06/18/2017   -   TIME: 5:18 PM

I am finding it difficult to get my weekend designs done! I knew this could be a possible issue when starting, but went for it anyways. Of course bending the rules may have to come into play on the weekends! Might have to put together a basic plan for the weekends. Just a simple idea that I will work on so that I can not worry about thinking of something to do. I will have to see how the next few weekends go!


DATE: 06/20/2017   -   TIME: 12:30 PM

I have been going back and watching some tutorials on techniques I learned in school and applying them to some designs. It amazes me what I can accomplished in a an hour using an older technique that used to take me days when first learning them. Of course doing them digitally helps! Picking up some great ideas and techniques to explore in the coming year.


DATE: 06/27/2017   -   TIME: 1:00 PM

Doing some decent work and really enjoying myself! I cannot believe that it has been almost a month. I have a wedding to attend this weekend and probably going to be late getting artwork uploaded. This will be a nice test to see how life can sometimes get in the way of creating art and design.

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