365 Days of Design

An Adventure With Daily Design

DATE: 3/3/2018   -   TIME: 1:00 PM

So I have been really busy trying to catch up and client work that is up and down! It seems like every time I think I am going to get caught up I fall even more behind! Even though I am behind on my project I am sticking with it and going to have 365 design by the time I am done in June:)


DATE: 3/7/2018   -   TIME: 3:15 PM

In Aurora Colorado for about 10 days watching my cousin's kids and helping a client paint! It is fun, but I am putting in some long days! Keeping up and so far not falling behind om my year long, daily project. Just not making headway on catching up!


DATE: 3/15/2018   -   TIME: 8:45 PM

Back to Portland today! Of course my flight is delayed! Of all the airports I have traveled through Denver is the worst! Really only second to Miami and LA. Just should not be that bad of an airport to compare it to those two! Kept up with my design work, but did not get any catching up though. I am hoping when I get home that I will be able to really pound out some work and get completely caught up!


DATE: 3/20/2018   -   TIME: 2:15 PM

Even though I am back in Portland I am pet sitting/ house sitting for my cousin. It has been 17+ days since I slept in my own bed, but still love traveling and not being home! I am for the first time in a while really getting some decent work done on my year long project. I am going to shoot for the second week of April to be completely caught up for the last month and a half of the project!


DATE: 3/25/2018   -   TIME: 10:15 AM

I have been crushing it lately and getting caught up on pretty much everything! Wanted to be all caught up the second week of April and it looks like I am going to be close. PDX Design Week is coming up and want to be able to attend as many things as possible, which means being as caught up as possible.


DATE: 3/30/2018   -   TIME: 11:15 AM

Really starting to get every thing all caught up. I am closing in on being less than a month behind! IT has been tough working for a few hours every day on different things each hour, but actually putting out some decent work.

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