365 Days of Design

An Adventure With Daily Design

DATE: 11/2/2017   -   TIME: 4:00 PM

So starting the month off with some idioms! Basic word play in my style. I think maybe spend a a good solid week or more on these. It would be cool to have a nice series of them all together in my one style. Maybe it was because the first one turned out so well!


DATE: 11/8/2017   -   TIME: 8:00 PM

So I have been in Denver the past few days helping my cousin with her run for city council. I knocked on doors and made calls! Helped clean the house and watched the kids. I met some amazing people and of course she won!!! I will always treasure the time I spent learning about a real campaign and seeing the hard work my cousin put in come to fruition!  On a design note I got behind a little uploading my daily hour projects, but have been keeping up with them. I am going to stick with the idioms for a while. I am having a lot of fun for my hour working on different ones. I realized that I was not spending enough time on a single theme. If I spend even a few more days I an really see a design style coming through. I am traveling to Florida tomorrow for 20 days and am excited to get some warm weather and sun! Also getting to spend Thanksgiving with my mom on her birthday as well!


DATE: 11/12/2017   -   TIME: 9:00 PM

Have been really busy in Florida working around the house for a friend of the family. Nothing to crazy, but has kept me busy. This week should be really busy with work and helping around the house. I am only a day behind uploading, but going to get plenty of sleep and hopefully get everything uploaded tomorrow morning!


DATE: 11/28/2017   -   TIME: 9:00 AM

I have gotten seriously behind uploading and getting my daily artwork done. Traveling for the past three and a half weeks has really taken its toll! I have been doing some design work and only a few days behind, but have not uploaded in a while. Hopefully by the end of the week I will wrap up the month and be completely caught up. It is going to be nice to be back home and getting back to a more normal routine. Took and insanely early flight back to Portland and going to probably be useless when I get back, but had to be done.


DATE: 11/30/2017   -   TIME: 5:00 PM

As expected I have been completely useless that past two days! Finally almost over my jet lag and pounding out some work. I should hopefully be fully caught up by tomorrow night and ready to pretty much do nothing the entire weekend! The only thing I want to get done is my monthly picks for this project and have the entire website updated. Of course started to get everything posted and don;t want to overload my followers with a ton of images so going to start with about 5 at a time!

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