365 Days of Design

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Why start a project likethis?

The main reason is that I was feeling constrained and not that happy with my design work lately. After some great lectures and activities during Design Week PDX I started looking at my own design style. I quickly realized that I don't really have one. I had somehow just let 10+ years of paying bills and trying to make a living supersede the main reason I got into Graphic Design. I love art and design! The single best thing that can happen in life is to find what makes you happy and go for it!


What do I hope to accomplish during the year?

To be honest I'm not really sure. A project like this is not something that you can make a prediction of what will come out of it. For the most part I am looking at exercising design muscles and find my place as a designer.


Why only 1 hour?

Even though it is only an hour I wanted everything I do each day to be unfiltered and raw. Giving a really short time and to get something, anything accomplished will ensure honest, raw work. Sometimes I find myself working on a deadline rushing to get something to a client and not taking the time to really dig into the design. With only an hour to work on something I am not going to "complete" most of the work.


How long did it take for the logo and website?

I worked exactly 1 hour on the logo for this and roughly 4-5 hours on the website. I intentionally wanted to start the project with the logo only taking an hour, to keep with the overall concept. For the website I wish that I could have done in an hour, but that is just not realistic. I did try and shave down the time by grabbing an old base template. This gave me the shell and with some minor adjustments all I needed was to fill it with information.


Other designers have done things like this, what makes you so different?

I have seen other designers do something similar and very close to what I am doing. The main thing I am doing differently is putting a very strict time limit on each days design. I am not looking for portfolio ready work, that is for another time. The project itself is a portfolio piece, not the individual work. This project is more for me that anyone else. I think to many designers get into this please the client mentality and lose what brought them to this career in the first place.


Have a question you want answered? Feel free to drop me a line and I will be more than happy to answer it and possibly post it here!

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