365 Days of Design

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DATE: 09/19/2017   -   TIME: 5:30 PM

It has been a long time since I updated my blog portion of this project. I have been running around house/pet sitting and moving around. Now I am on the East coast in Florida visiting my Mom. I did find some old college artwork that I am using the past few days! Some of is it not good at all, but really have wanted to digitize some of it and get it ready to possibly use in the future! I was going to start some calligraphy two weeks ago, but have been to bust to

sit down and get started. I used to do it with my father when I was a kid and really enjoyed it. Hopefully early next week I am going to be able to get

back into it.


DATE: 09/21/2017   -   TIME: 12:00 PM

Traveling and not being at home is getting to me. I am trying to find creative inspiration, but being out of my element is a little distracting. It seems like I may be traveling some more in the next week so will have to see how it goes.


DATE: 09/25/2017   -   TIME: 4:00 PM

Finally getting things uploaded from traveling. I really need to focus and get some better work done. I know it is only an hour, but this past month has not really produced that much work. The ones that are usable have some great potential though!!! I wanted to start doing some calligraphy for my daily hour, but really have not been able to concentrate that well this month. Hopefully the last two weeks of October I can really dig into doing come calligraphy!


DATE: 09/28/2017   -   TIME: 12:30 PM

The past two days and today I am playing around with some origami! I am sure most kids at some point made something with folded paper. Of course I did the classic crane first, then a T-Rex. I have always had a deep respect for this art form and the amazing things people do with folded paper. I did realize that a simple crane is one thing, but getting more complicated will take more than an hours time. Today I may just concentrate on making as many cranes as I can!

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