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Providing your business with professional design work & marketing consultation to accomplish your advertising goals!

Design & Marketing Specialist

Your Small Business Advertising Specialist

Your logo, website, and collateral material are the face of your company! The most important and overlooked aspect of small businesses is branding and marketing. Most are aware of branding but do not have the

proper tools to initiate their concept and keep it running through long-term marketing.

I can help you achieve optimal branding and marketing! Do not settle for unprofessional, sloppy design work,

and haphazard marketing. Bergenstock Design will give you custom design work at an affordable rate with

customer service to match. Keep your great design moving through a long-term marketing strategy.

Striving to provide professional design work and marketing that accomplishes your advertising and marketing

needs is what I live for. Contact Bergenstock Design today with your design and marketing requests today!



I strive to provide my clients with the most up-to-date and professional designs possible.

Whether a simple flyer or an intricate logo I will always put my best effort into delivering a final design that will meet or exceed the client's expectations.

My years of experience can take a client's idea and work it into something that they

are proud to show to the public.

Honesty and gratitude are things that I bring my clients every day. I want my clients to know when they have strong ideas and when they may not be as strong.

Being open with my clients helps form a great collaborative working relationship. My clients know that I am reliable and trustworthy will bring out the best in both of us!


Web Design Services

Websites | E-Commerce | Website Maintenance

Email Marketing | Social Media Design

Blog Creation | Google Ad Design

Facebook Ad Design | Animations

Logos | Business Cards | Direct Mail

Brochures | Packaging | Invitations | Flyers

Labels | Banners | Newspaper | Magazine

Folders | Book Covers | Newsletters

Print Design Services

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