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Miscellaneous design projects encompass a wide range of design work that doesn't fit neatly into one specific category. These projects can include anything from packaging design, product labels, event invitations, and book covers. One of the advantages of working on miscellaneous design projects is the opportunity to showcase my versatility and creativity. With each new project, I get a chance to flex my creative muscles and explore different design styles, techniques, and aesthetics!

Miscellaneous Projects
T-shirt Graphics & Product Images
Graphics for a charity event or family gathering. Bergenstock Design can create a one of a kind graphic for your event. Putting the graphic on a sample shirt so you can post on social media to promote your event and sell on your website.
Forest Path
Create Impact:

Effective miscellaneous design projects require a thorough understanding of the client's needs and goals.

What Do You Need?

These examples are of the diverse range of graphic design projects I have completed. Each project requires a unique set of skills and considerations, as a designer that can do it all, I often must become specialized in specific design techniques for these projects. Taking your idea and creating something unique or out of the ordinary is a great way to get your brand noticed!

3D Product Images
Do you have products whose labels change frequently or are you ready for an update to all your labels? Constant photography of new products can be expensive, time-consuming, and possibly not getting all the images needed. With 3D renderings of your packaging, it is simple to change labels and get the angles and adjustments you need without re-shooting your products. Initially, the cost to set up your 3D packages can be about the same as a professional photography shoot, once they are done the cost to re-label or get different angles is minimal.
Creating Impactful Design:

To create impactful designs, I dedicate time to researching the target audience, comprehending your industry and competition, and gaining an understanding of the client's brand values and messaging. Armed with this information, I can craft distinctive and effective designs that enable your businesses to differentiate themselves and accomplish your objectives!

 Any & All Promotional Material
Pens, notebooks, tote bags, water bottles, mugs, stickers, lanyards, and anything you can think of! I can help you navigate printers and create a design that will stand out! Even having custom Zoom/Google/Teams backgrounds made to keep a visual identity of your brand at all times. 
Empower Your Business:

Miscellaneous design projects, when executed successfully, demand a blend of creativity, technical prowess, and meticulousness. They have the potential to enhance brand recognition and drive sales, empowering businesses to establish a strong presence and attract customers!

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